Framed and ready to Display

(overall size 13½” x 13½”)





Original Painting by Darryl Legg

(overall size: 14¼” x 17½”)


General ADOLF GALLAND, commanded all Luftwaffe Fighters in WWII.  After fierce and continual tactical disagreements with Hermann Goering the Supremo ordered Galland to be shot. But Hitler intervened, instructing the General to form a new Me 262 jet fighter wing and fly regular combat missions in the final Defence of the Reich. ADOLF GALLAND’s signature comes with the companion Ensemble.


The separate brushed steel-silver framed Ensemble has a giclee print from the painting, an all-metal Luftwaffe pilot’s badge, and the mounted original signature of General ADOLF GALLAND. The option to buy the Signature Ensemble is restricted and ONLY open to the purchaser of the painting.




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We aim to ship unframed ensembles within 3-4 working days, and framed ensembles within 7-10 working days.

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