Framed and ready to display

(overall size: 13½” x 13½”)





Original Painting by Darryl Legg

(overall size: 14¼” x 17½”)


An accurate and detailed painting of Colonel ERICH HARTMANN’S JG-52 Messerschmitt Me 109. Bearing his “Black Tulip’ motif on the nose of his fighter, he was quickly recognised by opposing pilots on the Russian Front… and given a wide berth! Hartmann never-the-less became the highest scoring fighter pilot in history. The painting is delivered framed as illustrated, ready to display.


The separate brushed steel-silver framed Ensemble has a giclee print from the painting, Luftwaffe pilot’s badge, and the mounted signature of Colonel ERICH HARTMANN.  The option to buy the Signature Ensemble is open ONLY to the purchaser of the painting.




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We aim to ship unframed ensembles within 3-4 working days, and framed ensembles within 7-10 working days.

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