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    Arguably the most famous and daring raid in
    aviation history. Darryl Legg recreates the scene
    as theMohne Dam is breached by Lancasters of 617
    Squadron on the moon-lit night of 16/17 May, 1943.
    Signature in the Ensemble is the Dams raid’s Deputy
    Leader and pilot, Air Marshal Sir Harold ‘Mick’ Martin.

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    An exciting and authentic painting that brings to life
    the hectic activity on the beaches at Normandy as
    Spitfires,complete with invasion markings, provide vital
    air cover for the crucial invasion of France on June 6,
    1944. The original signature of Johnnie Johnson, Allied
    Air Forces top-scoring WWII fighter ace, is in the Ensemble.

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    The Kriegsmarine’s pride and joy! One of the most
    beautiful and deadly warships ever built is depicted on
    the high seas in her prime in Darryl Legg’s powerful
    marine painting. Sunk on Churchill’s specific orders, the
    Bismarck’s surviving gunnery officer, Baron Von
    Mullenheim contributes his signature to the Ensemble.


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    One of the Royal Navy’s most remembered WWII
    destroyers. Skippered by Louis Mountbatten, cousin
    of the then King of England and later to become Viceroy
    of India, Darryl’s detailed works shows HMS Kelly before
    she was sunk off Crete in May, 1941. The accompanying
    Ensemble carries Lord Mountbatten’s original signature.

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Abbeville Fighters SOLD
Bandits out of the Sun SOLD
Battle of Britain Spitfires SOLD
Battle Over Britain, 1940 SOLD
Fighter Command Spitfires SOLD
Galland’s JV-44 SOLD
Gallant Lancasters SOLD
Hurricane Dogfight SOLD
Hurricanes Over Kent SOLD
On Russian Front SOLD
Pathfinder Lancasters I SOLD
Pathfinder Lancasters II SOLD
Tangmere Duel SOLD
Lancasters Over the Target SOLD
Dawn Combat  Not Available
Mission Complete  Not Available
En Route (Mosquito)  Not Available