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    A painting that emits a massive expression
    of power and aggression! Read Major Erich
    Rudorffer’s remarkable wartime biography
    to see what this great fighter ace has to say
    about this superb fighting machine. Erich
    Rudorffer’s signature graces the Ensemble.

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    For admirers of the tough, ‘always-get-you-home’
    P-47, this fine study of a European Theatre
    Thunderbolt will be a ‘must-have’ collector item.
    Read what Colonel Jim Goodson, whose signature
    comes the the Ensemble, had to say in his wartime
    bio and Combat Report! Click ‘More Info’ for the link.

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    The story of Chennault’s AVG Flying Tigers
    is written into American combat aviation folklore.
    Darryl Legg’s painting of ‘Tex’ Hill’s Curtiss
    P-40 Tomahawk is available with the scarce and
    valuable signature of Brigadier General ‘Tex’ Hill
    in the Ensemble. A very rare opportunity!

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    During the final Defence of the Reich, the
    Me 262 jet was more that 100mph quicker
    than anything else in the air, and in the hands
    of experienced fighter pilots such as Walter
    Krupinski, it was a devastating attack aircraft
    and a very elusive target. Read More!

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Please remember, there is only ONE of each of the above original Paintings.

We try only to show paintings that are available. Should you order a painting that has been sold we will immediately notify you by email and, unless you choose an alternative painting, your payment will be refunded in full, and without delay.

Sorry, the following Paintings are already sold 

Abbeville Fighters SOLD
Bandits out of the Sun SOLD
Battle of Britain Spitfires SOLD
Battle Over Britain, 1940 SOLD
Fighter Command Spitfires SOLD
Galland’s JV-44 SOLD
Gallant Lancasters SOLD
Hurricane Dogfight SOLD
Hurricanes Over Kent SOLD
On Russian Front SOLD
Pathfinder Lancasters I SOLD
Pathfinder Lancasters II SOLD
Tangmere Duel SOLD
Lancasters Over the Target SOLD
Dawn Combat  Not Available
Mission Complete  Not Available
En Route (Mosquito)  Not Available