The Battle of Britain was arguably the most decisive battle in the history of aerial warfare. Had the out-numbered young RAF pilots failed to maintain control of the skies over Britain in 1940, Hitler’s armies – poised in the northern French ports, ready to invade – would have overrun the unprepared British forces, and the war lost.

Fought throughout the summer of 1940 high above south-eastern England, it was the task of a vastly out-numbered group of young Spitfire and Hurricane pilots to repel the hoards of German bombers… and the job of their escorting Me109s, flown by equally determined young pilots of the Luftwaffe, to prevent them from doing so.

The air fighting was furious and incessant, pilots on both sides often flying 5 or 6 missions a day – some even surviving by parachute only to be airborne again within hours. In the face of such danger, their inordinate courage, determination, yet flamboyant attitude – on both sides of the Channel – caught the imagination of the public, and their lasting memory today is the substance of aviation legend.

The Battle of Britain Trilogy pays tribute to those very special heroes with three new aviation Ensembles, representing the three principal fighter aircraft of the Battle, and the men that flew them. Foes they may have been in 1940, but as the years passed by, men mellowed, friendships developed, and a bond drew them together that few will ever know.

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  • The Supermarine Spitfire Mk I Ensemble


    When Luftwaffe supremo Hermann Goering asked his fighter pilots in 1941 what he could do for them, Adolf Galland replied “Give us a squadron of Spitfires”. Such was the reputation of what is still regarded today as the best defensive fighter aircraft ever built. Beautifully proportioned, supremely agile at any altitude, and in experienced hands almost invincible. This detailed Ensemble has the signatures of three of the Battle of Britain’s greatest Spitfire pilots.

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  • The Messerschmitt Bf109E Ensemble


    The rugged, agile and heavily armed Me109 was the only Luftwaffe fighter to be built and continually developed throughout the war. This robust fighter saw service in every theatre in Europe and the Eastern Front with many Luftwaffe fighter pilots – including the 275-victory ace Gunther Rall – preferring the Me109 in combat to any other German fighter produced in WWII. A familiar adversary of the RAF pilots in the Battle of Britain, this unique Ensemble is signed by three highly respected Luftwaffe aces who took part.

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  • The Hawker Hurricane Mk I Ensemble


    Considered a better gun platform than the Spitfire, like the Me109, the Hurricane remained a favorite among its many pilot devotees. Its construction gave it a durability not found in many later-developed fighters, a badly damaged Hurricane often getting its pilot home to fight another day. Without the glamourous reputation of the Spitfire, it should never be forgotten that Hurricane pilots shot down two-thirds of all enemy aircraft in the Battle of Britain. Three leading exponents have signed this Ensemble.

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