Guaranteed To Be Original and Genuine

Every Autograph (signature) offered to collectors through this website is guaranteed to be original and genuine. Our reputation depends upon our integrity: We do not buy signatures from outside sources where it is often difficult to ascertain authenticity (there are thousands of forged autographs sold at auctions and on the internet every day). We have the undisputed provenance for each signature which means that every Certificate of Authenticity is as genuine as the signatures it supports

Each autograph was personally collected in the early 1980s by Pat Barnard, who had founded the Military Gallery a decade earlier. These signatures formed part of a project supported by Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC, Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson, Brigadier General Robin Olds and General Adolf Galland, all of whom advised and helped Pat collect the signatures.

The Certificate of Authenticity supplied with each original autograph is authorised by Pat Barnard, therefore making the Certificate a valuable document in itself. To counter the proliferation of forged signatures in the market today, and to guarantee the genuine nature of your investment, please keep your Certificate safe and secure. It will ensure there can never be any doubt as to the value of your collection in years to come.

For more information about collecting please read 15  SMART REASONS TO INVEST IN WWII PILOT AND AIRCREW AUTOGRAPHS TODAY. I believe you will find these reasons helpful.



All guaranteed to be original and genuine

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