15 Smart Reasons to Invest in
WW11 Pilot & Aircrew Autographs TODAY.

Want to connect with AVIATION HISTORY? Want to hold real HISTORY in your hands? Then collect the ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPHS of those who fought the hostile skies of WWII and helped shape the free world we live in today.




Don’t be fooled by our attractively low prices… and don’t waste your money on insignificant or unknown signatures with little value that savvy collectors don’t bother to collect. Invest in QUALITY! Quantity means nothing in the world of collecting historical autographs… Quality is EVERYTHING.

Read these 15 smart reasons why you should invest in your own personal WWII Aviation Autograph collection, and why you risk nothing by teaming up with The Military Signature Archive:

1. Guaranteed 100% Genuine Signatures

Every one of our signatures is an original and you’ll receive the provenance to back up your investment. Please don’t get caught out, as many have, buying counterfeit signatures!

2. Certificates of Authenticity – Your Absolute Guarantee

If a signature is a fake so is the C of A – that’s if you are given one! The Certificate we give you is a ‘cast-iron’ guarantee that will satisfy any official scrutiny.

3. Autograph ‘Ensembles’ of museum quality

Ensembles are hand-assembled using triple mounts of archival quality in traditional ‘airforce’ colours and are delivered framed or ready-to-frame and display – the choice is yours!

4. All-metal Pilots Wings finished in Gold or Silver Gilt

Authentic design all-metal pilots wings are included within every mount at the head of each display panel. In the more valuable RAF Ensembles all-metal miniature wings are inserted in the Autograph Panels.

5. Replica Miniature Medals with Authentic Ribbons

Where illustrated, Ensembles contain replica miniature medals appropriate to the signatory, similar is style and size to those worn by recipients on ceremonial occasions. Genuine quality!

6. Carefully chosen art to complement the Signatures

To add colour and meaning to the autographs, and to enhance the display, each Ensemble includes aviation art of the highest quality relevant to those whose signature(s) are included.

7. High Quality Display Frames at near Wholesale Prices

Choose your frames from two brushed-metal finishes, silver or gun-metal bronze, and buy at near wholesale prices. When we frame for you, just unpack, hang and display within minutes.

8. FREE! Framed set of Miniature Medals

Buy our ‘investment package’ (see Member’s page) and receive a FREE set of four replica medals valued at £45, framed and ready to hang.

9. 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing you can return your purchase for a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if you are anything other than delighted with your purchase.

10. Fast 3 – 4 Courier Delivery, Worldwide

We usually ship orders within 2-3 days from receipt of order from PayPal using an established Courier Service. Delivery usually is within 3-5 days.

11. Professional Packaging means Pristine Deliveries

We use custom-made packaging materials that guarantee pristine and secure delivery right to your door (Courier deliveries require a signature).

12. FREE Membership to Aviation Autograph Collectors Club

All customers get automatic membership to the Aviation Autograph Collector’s Club, with special privileges not available to non-members.

13. Access to Pilot & Aircrew Combat Reports

Autograph Collectors Club members get instant access to scores of exclusive Pilots and Aircrew Combat Reports – vivid first-hand recollections of actual aerial contests from WWII. Re-live their experiences!

14. Access to exclusive Aviation Articles

Autograph Collectors Club members have immediate access to fascinating aviation articles, unavailable to non-members, with contributions by leading fighter and bomber personalities from WWII.

15. Prices start at just £29.95

Enough said!


Nobody, anywhere, ever before has been able to offer all these valuable benefits exclusively to WWII aviation autograph collectors… nor at such terrific value!

But there’s more you should know…

All valuable autograph collections, no matter what the topic, are always highly focused, and contain the original signatures of those who truly ACHIEVED in their unique or specialised field of endeavor. Significant Autographs are the only signatures that true collectors strive to obtain, and Significant Autographs are the only autographs that appreciate in value.

So, if like countless others, your interest is Aviation, here is a wonderful opportunity to invest in the autographs of aviators who truly contributed to the history of aviation – original signatures of intrepid aviators you read and know about, pilots and aircrew that won battles, honours and decorations for gallantry; flyers that set records. Courageous men whose names are permanently etched into the annals of aviation folklore. Knights of the sky!

If your aim is to build a truly meaningful and valuable collection of autographs that reflect the history of combat aviation, do it right! Collect these genuine signatures while they are still available! Here, right now, is your greatest opportunity.

There’s something else:

You cannot buy these guaranteed genuine Pilot and Aircrew Signature Ensembles ANYWHERE ELSE.

So be smart! Invest wisely! Begin your valuable collection of WWII Aviators’ Autographs Today – while these low prices, and genuine, certified autographs are still available! There is a finite number of genuine signatures of WWII legends available today, and we have most of the rare and collectible ones that can still be acquired. But when they are gone… they’ll be gone – into someone else’s collection, and that usually means for ever!

Remember – our entire focus is on AVIATION HISTORY! If you are ready to connect with aviation history, now is your opportunity.